Business Case basics (English)

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  • Super simple crash course: We’ve distilled the complexities into an easy-to-follow crash course.
  • Proven methodology: Learn from the best! Our content is based on the methodologies used by top-tier consultants.
  • No deep financial knowledge needed: We break down the basics and provide practical rules of thumb for seamless comprehension.
  • Not a hefty book with theory: Our straightforward e-book covers all the essentials, ensuring you have the tools to succeed.
  • Learn at your own pace: With the flexibility to read at your leisure, you’re in control of your learning journey.
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Elevate your skills: The ultimate Business Case handbook

As a Project Manager, you want your client to make decisions on a solid foundation. Not just based on gut-feeling but with a clear rationale based on a well constructed business case. You need to proof to your leadership that your project can deliver a solution, on time and with the right resources. Your project plan needs a thorough financial foundation.

However, building a business case may not be your core business and your lack of expertise in this field may make you uncertain. Googling the theory leaves you overwhelmed and you’re struggling finding the logic and a structured approach.

This Business Case handbook is your gateway to mastering the essentials of building a compelling business case effortlessly!

This comprehensive e-book equips you with the essential skills needed to effortlessly create persuasive business cases that align with your project goals. Upon completion, you’ll possess the expertise to develop the financial base of your plan. No need for extensive financial know-how – we’ve simplified it for you!

Dive into a treasure trove of knowledge with our concise yet impactful e-book.

Uncover the five crucial elements of a robust business case, master the art of defining benefits and costs, and gain access to 19 pages brimming with consultancy tips and tricks. It makes you think through your project plan in such a way, you will be inspired to refine and improve your plan.

This e-book is suitable for projectmanagers with great ideas and solid plans, that need to convince decision-makers to invest in their project. Only basic mathematical skills are required.

Seize this opportunity to elevate your skills in business case development and buy your e-handbook now.